Sunday, January 3, 2010

Honey-Sweet Deal

A few months ago, Dan and I tried to find favors infused with Wisconsin flair to complement our Milwaukee wedding venue. Once our guests came to Wisconsin, we thought, we'd give them "something special from Wisconsin" to enjoy once they're home.

We didn't have to look far for our treasures. My beekeeper Dad reaped a huge honey harvest this year - nearly 100 pounds of extractable honey that the bees would not need to survive. He gladly volunteered to fill 60 jars of honey for wedding favors, which will be placed on the reception tables. We couldn't ask for a more appropriate treat for our guests, one that originates from the forests and field flowers of the Kettle Moraine-State Forest that sparked my love for nature. We sincerely hope our guests like our rich, unique honey accented with alfalfa, goldenrod and other local plants.

Best of all, our honey favors are green because the honey is 100 percent natural and harvested with a minimal amount of energy (only the electricity to run the extractor, and my Dad's labor). Once the honey is fully enjoyed, guests can re-use the jars for their personal canning/cooking purposes or recycle the glass. It's a definite eco-friendly situation!

To supplement the honey, Dan and I will soon purchase jam and jelly from Door County, Wisconsin, famous for its many cherry orchards. This way, we won't take the whole lot of Dad's honey harvest, though Dad of course insists that he has more than enough.

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